Fiat 500 wins Europe’s most prestigious Design Award

Every once in a while, something comes along so powerful in concept, so revolutionary in its design, it redefines generations. America is witnessing that in the newly released FIAT 500.

Original Fiat 500 Trepiùno Concept Car

The Fiat 500 has won Europe’s oldest and most prestigious design award – “Compasso d’Oro ADI” (ADI Golden Compass). This award was founded in 1954 and is only given to designs of the highest order.

Here are the criteria used to judge the winning designs:

  • The product’s performance (usability, versatility for human diversity) and the socially innovative and responsible aspects of its design (aesthetics and form, typology, function, perception, experience, cognition).
  • Its physical environmental impact (from production and consumption to decommissioning, disassembly, recycling or the possible reutilisation of constituent parts; from energy-saving to resource optimisation).
  • Its appropriate use of technologies, materials, components and processes.
  • Its communicative and iconic strengths.
Fiat 500 Concept
Fiat 500 Designer - Roberto Giolito

An international panel chaired by Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis and made up of industry experts selected the Fiat 500 out of nearly 400 designs. The award was accepted by Roberto Giolito, designer of the Fiat 500 and Fiat Design director.

Fiat 500 Quick Sketches

With more than 60 international awards and growing, there can be no doubt that the Fiat 500 truly is an icon of modern design.

Fiat 500 Design Sketches
Come visit Safford Fiat of Fredericksburg and see this icon of modern design for yourself…..take a test drive, then take one home.  Get ready to celebrate the next chapter of our celebrated legacy.
 Photos courtesy of Fiat Group Press

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