Virginia FIAT dealer gives you ‘simply more’

Auto Reviewers Comment on FIAT’s Brand New Ad Campaign

Over the past few weeks you’ve probably started to see FIAT’s new ad campaign on TV: “Simply More by FIAT” and their new FIAT 500 commercial “Drive in.”  Now the auto experts are beginning to comment. Take a look at what Edmunds Inside Line and Autoweek had to say:

Fiat has just launched its first advertising campaign since returning to North America and the new tagline is “Simply More,” Edmunds Inside Line said.

Adweek said the sense you get from Fiat’s new TV spot is that the “car of the future may be designed for tomorrow but fondly looks to yesterday for its sense of style.”

“The tagline, ‘Simply more’ positions the model as a deceptively diminutive vehicle that hits well above its weight,” Adweek said.

This weekend the FIAT brand is putting on a huge event in Times Square to showcase this new ad campaign and commercial. Hey, if you’re around take some pics for us! Otherwise view the new FIAT 500 commercial below. To view the all-new 2012 FIAT 500 in person, come visit your #1 Virginia FIAT dealer, Safford Fiat of Fredericksburg and create your own sense of style.


One thought on “Virginia FIAT dealer gives you ‘simply more’

  1. Simply put, the Fiat 500 is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the Volkswagen Rabbit GTI from 1983, today. It’s overshadowed by cars with higher output engines, better fuel economy, and more interior space. It’s overshadowed until the test drive that is.

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