safford fiat of fredericksburg

Harmonie Proctor

                                 Hello Harmonie!

safford fiat of fredericksburg

my favorite feature about the FIAT 500 is.....that you can customize it to make it your own - and the hands-free communication

just the facts….. harmonie is married and has three kids: Carrick, Ariana, and Tristen                                                                                          this is harmonie’s first experience selling cars – no better place to start then with FIAT!

coffee or tea….. espresso – made in her very own espresso machine!

sweet fix…… reeses cups

best mood booster…. watching an adam sandler movie usually does the trick!

chore I put off the most…. yard work!

best burger….. not a fan….but I’ll take a pizza – with real mutza! –  from Grimaldi’s in New York any day

best memory…..trip to Puerto Rico with my girlfriends

the motto I live by…. ‘remember the past, but live for the moment, while keeping your eye ever forward to the destiny you create today’

best gift to myself…. my Husqvarna Sewing Machine, which I got 3 years ago,  it is 4D which allows me to do portrait embroidery, monogramming, 1600 basic stitches,  20 by 20 inch hoop to do back of jackets, home decor and a lot more!!  I have a lot of fun with it!!  Check out my work on  YES I AM CRAFTY!!

safford fiat of fredericksburg

what I love about our FIAT customers....they have a unique sense of style - and so much fun!


2 thoughts on “Harmonie Proctor

  1. She is the best salesperson I have ever had…in any experience! Made everything so easy and was able to point out the best Fiat for me. I love my Fiat and the dealership is one of the reasons! These guys rock!

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