Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg introduces Alternate Routes

FIAT Alternate Routes

May we suggest an Alternate Route?


*****Follow the rest of “Alternate Routes by clicking on this link ALTERNATE ROUTES*****

The road ahead can be uncertain, so sometimes it pays to take an alternate route.

FIAT partnered with CBS Radio, and joined the world-class production company, Radio Face, to curate some of the country’s best storytellers to bring to life the core values of FIAT, “Life is best when driven.” Some stories make your laugh…others make you think…and some move you like never before; but what they all have in common is the undeniable ability to seduce and entertain.

FIAT alternate routes

FIAT and CBS created this storytelling series to convey how a passion for life can lead you down a different road than what you might have expected. We invite you to watch, listen, share these stories, and discuss them in our blog comments.

Our first story is entitled, “Skydiving,’ by Andy Christie.

Andy Christie is the creator of the Liar Show. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, in snooty literary journals and in the Thomas Beller anthology, Lost And Found: Stories From New York. Let’s take a look:

In the coming days, Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg will feature, in our blog, the rest of these amazing accounts, fueled by those moments in life that define who we are.

In addition, we ask you to think about your passion, and where it has driven you during your life.  Are you following the road you thought you would, or are you, too, traveling down an alternate route?

Safford Fiat of Fredericksburg will feature our customers own true tales of following a road toward passion.  You can submit your video in the comments section ( it will not be published immediately ) or you can send it to: We will review all the entries, share them on our blog, and let you, our readers, vote on which story is most impactful to you – whether it’s funny, amazing, relatable, or simply makes you want to follow down that road.

Join Safford Fiat of Fredericksburg, because life is best when driven – wherever that road may take you.

FIAT alternate route

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