Safford Fiat of Fredericksburg

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

fiat at vw headquarters

Score one for Fiat in the sometimes whimsical, sometimes not, rivalry between the Italian automaker and Volkswagen. The two companies seem to taunt and tease each other like kids on a playground, especially in Europe.

Check out Volkswagen’s Swedish headquarters in suburban Stockholm on Google Earth and you’ll see a Fiat 500 parked at the front door of the building.

Was it a prank? Did VW get photo-bombed?

A VW spokesman in Sweden said that he didn’t believe the rival car’s presence was malicious, and that it could have just been a case of someone dropping off a passenger as Google did its photo-mapping drive-by. Either way, VW Sweden will have to live with the image of a Fiat 500 on its doorstep until the next Google Earth car rolls by.

Look out, Mini of Alexandria….you may be next. 🙂


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