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Need Therapy? Drive a FIAT

As if FIAT hasn’t given us enough to love in their 2012 models, they are now introducing even more colors, combinations, fabrics, equipment and options for the model year 2013.  Take a look:

2013 fiat 500 models

2013 Fiat 500 Color Therapy

Two special pastel colors and four new metallic finishing colors can be chosen for the 500. These colors strengthen the classic feeling (fifties and sixties) and the history of the car. Some of the colors are ‘Giallo Sole’ – Sun yellow, Beige Cappuccino, ‘Dipinto di Blue’ – Metallic blue, ‘Grigio Colosseo’ – metallic gray, ‘Viola Dolce’ – metallic purple, and ‘Rosa Diva’ – metallic Pink. There are 14 different colors available for the 500. These new options confirm that the color of the Fiat 500 is not just a cosmetic issue, but an integral part of a product philosophy that has among its constituent personalities, style and maximum customization.

2013 fiat 500 models

New combinations. The interior offers its own personal style. On board debuts a new matching Chocolate / Ivory color combination for Pop, Blue / Black for Lounge and Black / Ivory for all models. Models with leather trim will be engraved with the 500 logo finished with horizontal stripes in the colors Black / Ivory, Red / Ivory, Red / Black, Black / Black and Brown / Ivory.

2013 fiat 500 models

Chocolate/Ivory Pop Interior

2013 Models. Not only do we have more colors and interior options to choose from, but 2013 also offers new FIAT models.  They are Pop Star, Color Therapy, Lounge, Street, Rock and By Gucci.

The Street is the toughest version and is the replacement for the Matt Black series. This version is geared towards mainly young male customers. The car is fitted with black 16 inch rims, a roof spoiler, darkened glass at the rear windows and chrome interior- and exterior parts.

2013 fiat 500 models

The Street

The fabric of the seats is unique and are reserved for only this version. Standard in the Street is manual climate control, Blue&Me, leather finishing of the steering wheel (with radio function) and electrically adjustable side mirrors. One of the special colors is ‘Nero Opaco Stealth’ (matt black), the others are, Bianco Gelato, Rosso Passione, Nero Vesuvio, Grigio Pompei and Grigio Carrara.

2013 fiat 500 models

Fiat 500 Street Interior

The Fiat 500 Color Therapy brings back the pastel colors that popularized the Fiat 500 in the ’60s and ’70s. It is offered in the Pop model, coupe or convertible, in the following colors:  Cappuccino Beige, Yellow Sun, Passion Red, Blue and Gray Flying Carrara.

2013 fiat 500 models

Fiat 500 Color Therapy

It will be offered with 14 alloy wheels and white rear-view mirrors, and a short antennae for the entertainment media. The interior offers pastel colors mixed with white (colored mirror caps), plus a special gear knob and customized key cover.

2013 fiat 500 models

Fiat 500 Color Therapy Interior

Excited?  Yeah, me too….until I learned that you have to live in the UK to benefit from all of these great models… worries.  FIAT’s got some great things in store for US too. Take a look.


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