On the last day of National Poetry Month for 2013,

it seems fitting to submit a love poem in honor of all the FIATs out there…..especially mine.

…. so here goes:

For My Dear FIAT,

On This Unusual Day,

I Write You This Poem

In My Own Special Way.


I Wanted To Tell You,

In Words Of My Own:

You’re The Most Precious Car

That I’ve Ever Owned.


Your Chassis Is Striking

And Unique – That’s A Fact.

 And Your Sport Tuned Suspension 

Keeps Me On The Right Track.  


Your Head Lights Have Sparkle; 

I Can’t Live Without.

 And Your Performance Disc Brakes? 

That’s What I’m Talking About!


 I Can’t Help Lose Control,

When I Turn On My Beats;

The Bass Is Just Stunning,

It Takes Me Out Of My Seat.


You’ll Always Keep Me Safe,

Says The IIHS, 

35 Safety Features

And Seven Airbags Attest.


What Attracts Me The Most?

You’re One Of A Kind;

I Customized Your Exterior,

And That Makes You Just Mine.


So Stay With Me FIAT

Together We’ll Be; 

Unmistakenly Italian, 

Undeniably ‘We.’


Come Visit us at

Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg

to create your own love story.

4535 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA

540 898 7200 / 888 904 4977


talk to us! subscription is not required, so tell us what's on your mind!

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