FIAT Backstage gets Crafty

If you haven’t visited FIAT Backstage yet, you’re really missing out on everything FIAT that’s fun – not that our lovely little FIATs aren’t the most fun of all, but this fun comes in the form of reading about FIAT – topics under the headings of ‘lifestyle’, ‘vehicles’, ‘events’, ‘you,’ etc. If there’s something going on and FIAT is there, you’ll find it under ‘events.’ If FIAT wins yet another award, you’ll find it under ‘news.’ If a FIAT owner wants to tell a love story about their FIAT, you’ll find it under ‘you.’ I think you get the picture.

Today, as I was perusing the ‘lifestyle’ section, I came across FIAT Backstage’s ‘Get Crafty’ write-up, and I love it so much, that I think our Safford family has to get in on the act. You can read FIAT Backstage’s version here, and below, is our Safford version. If you’ve got some mad coloring skills, you need to get in on this….you may even get some free FIAT accessories out of the deal!

Here are the supplies you will need to gather:

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

– Deep porcelain bowls

– Rubbing alcohol

– Cotton swabs

– An oven ( adult supervision required )

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

To get started, get your creative juices flowing. We’ve all seen the thousands of different and original FIATs out on the streets that their owners have customized – that’s what makes each one an individual. Now it’s your turn to design your own original FIAT. Grab your markers and your bowl, and go for it. Flowers, checkerboard, self-portrait (!)….it’s all up to you. To avoid smudging, work in sections and let each one dry before moving to the next. ( If you do get smudges, use the rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to clean them off )

When you’re done decorating, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Make sure your bowl is completely dry – not slippery or tacky, before you put it in the oven. Cook it for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and leave the bowl inside to cool off.

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

(photo courtesy of FIAT USA)

Next, bring your finished masterpiece down to Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg and we’ll put it in our display case with all of the other competitors. On May 30th, we will post pictures of all of the FIATs on our blog, and our readers will decide which one they like the best.

The prize? $300 in FIAT Accessories! Yeah, that’s right: $300 in Accessories!!! Oh my gosh….what to do first? Color the FIAT or look through the Accessories catalog?!?!? Best of Luck!

Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg

4535 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg VA

540 898 7200 / 888 944 4977


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