Hey Smarty!

Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg is honored to be amongst so many learned individuals. You’ve put in your time, studied like crazy, and now it’s time to be rewarded. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our gift to you: $500 BONUS CASH!!! You’ve earned it. And we recognize that.

Consider it our graduation present, for all your hard work. If you’ve graduated in the last two years – are expecting to graduate in the next six months – or are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, you’re eligible for our College Graduate Program. Just bring one of the following documents to  Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg to show proof of your graduate status:

  • A copy of your application for graduation
  • A letter from your registrar’s office stating your intent to graduate within six months
  • A copy of your diploma
  • A letter from your college or university’s registrar’s office showing your enrollment status in a graduate program
  • Offer excludes SRT models

**for more information, call Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg at 540 898 7200 or visit the dealership


It really does pay to study.

Safford FIAT of Fredericksburg

4535 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA

540 898 7200 / 888 904 4977



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